Preschool III

3year_titleThis class is made up of children who have turned 3.  The children receive individualized instruction focused on expanding their knowledge and experiences.  Our teachers guide the children through a vast array of activities, exposing them to new and exciting academic and social skills daily! This class emphasizes social and emotional development, self-awareness, self and peer mediation, autonomy and increased attention span. Preschool III uses the Saxon curriculum, just as the Transitional Kindergarten does, and continues to develop their sign language skills.  Traditional academic skills are addressed in a hands-on manner and within the parameters of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

They have a rest time after lunch, with time spent outside for playing and socializing with their friends. Everyday, the children have ample time to explore their room with a multitude of center activities to choose from. These children also attend humanities daily, Chapel twice a week, catechesis and Bible Story weekly.

For children who are 3. All students must be potty trained. This class increases academic emphasis, while still primarily seeking to improve social and emotional development and problem solving skills.

Student - Teacher Ratio 10 to 1

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