Monday:  Music and Movement

  • We play music and the children dance and act out the songs.
  • We give the children scarves and/or streamers to use as they move to the music.
  • We play a variety of musical instruments, some of which are homemade.
  • We have musical parades!

Tuesday:  Art

  • The children will explore a variety of art materials to create masterpieces!
  • The children will draw, paint, paste things, use modeling clay, work with play dough, to name a few!
  • We encourage the children to express original ideas and feelings about the art they are creating.
  • Art assists in the children's coordination, development of small muscle skills, learning to recognize colors and textures, and develop creativity and pride in their creations.

Wednesday:  Library

  • During library time, the children gain the foundation for reading and writing.
  • It's also a place where the children can relax and enjoy the wonderful world of children's literature.
  • We read books to the children to introduce new ideas, to develop pre-reading skills, and to help children develop a love for books.
  • The children will check out a book every Wednesday, and the following Wednesday they will return it so they can check out another one!

Thursday:  Mad Science

  • We will take nature walks and discuss the changes in the seasons/weather, the growth of plants and flowers, and all the animals in the sky and on the ground.
  • Collect "things" to experiment with, and use a variety of scientific mediums such as a magnifying glass, scale, magnets, etc. to test out a hypothesis.
  • We will study the 5 senses to determine which sense or senses are used in a particular experiment or situation.
  • We will also work not only on their large muscle activity, but also their fine motor skills.

Friday:  Dramatic Play

  • We will read a book, assign parts to the children from the book and then have them act out the book.
  • They use props and make-believe about a wide variety of topics.
  • When children pretend, they have to recall experiences they have had and re-create them.
  • We also encourage imagination and ask them to talk about what they are doing.