This class is for children 6 weeks to 12 months old. Our wonderful infant program is designed with your baby in mind to get them from smiling and scooting to laughing and playing. Our kind, nurturing staff will guide your little bundle of joy through the various stages of infancy from tummy-time to crawling, standing, and even walking and talking!

Our highly experienced teachers frequently correspond with you and update you on your baby’s progress.  The infant program uses the 'Learn Every Day' curriculum as the Preschool I & II uses as well.  Our goals for our infants are to help them develop object permanence, to expose them to early academics (i.e. numbers, alphabet, music, and art), to introduce cause and effect, to begin communication through speech and sign langurage.  Your baby will grow into a mobile, active and thriving toddler in a caring, Christian environment!

Student - Teacher Ratio 4 to 1

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