Holy Communion Christian Academy is Church of the Holy Communion's parochial, not-for-profit preschool for children ages preschool through kindergarten offering an individualized and developmentally appropriate curriculum with highly qualified teachers . The school offers a low teacher-student ratio in large classrooms and an inviting playground in a 10,000 square foot facility located on the Church of the Holy Communion campus.  Holy Communion Christian Academy is part of the Texas Rising Star Program.  This program is part of the Texas Workforce Commission.


This class is for children 6 weeks to 12 months old. Our wonderful infant program is designed with your baby in mind to get them from smiling and scooting to laughing and playing. Our kind, nurturing staff will guide your little bundle of joy through the various stages of infancy from tummy-time to crawling, standing, and even walking and talking!

2year_titleThis class is for children that have turned 18 months and has a focus on the socialization of your child. They have many opportunities to work together in small and large group settings. With our large and spacious classrooms, there is always a lot to do as they grow and learn about the world around them.  With our low teacher-student ratios, each child is able to receive individualized attention throughout the day.  The teachers provide a variety of activities based on a monthly theme.


This class serves children that are 4 and 5.  A highly successful, multi-age looping approach is used in this classroom.  A high level of individualized instruction is utilized in order to best meet the unique needs of each student and to prepare them for their future academic pursuits.  Focus is placed on phonics, math, problem solving, sign language as well as higher order thinking skills using the Saxon Phonics and Saxon Math curriculum.  The children have humanities daily, Chapel twice a week and Bible Story and catechesis weekly.


This begins the month your child turns 18 months old and is a wonderful introduction to school. The teachers work on the socialization of the children, along with building their verbal skills. The infant program uses the 'Learn Every Day' curriculum as the Preschool I & II uses as well. The Preschool I class attends the weekly Bible Story with Father Kasey and attend Humanities daily.  The monthly curriculum is worked into their daily schedule, providing the children with a variety of activities to do individually with the teacher or in a small group. Singing, reading, art, sign language and free center play are all a part of your toddler’s day!

3year_titleThis class is made up of children who have turned 3.  The children receive individualized instruction focused on expanding their knowledge and experiences.  Our teachers guide the children through a vast array of activities, exposing them to new and exciting academic and social skills daily! This class emphasizes social and emotional development, self-awareness, self and peer mediation, autonomy and increased attention span. Preschool III uses the Saxon curriculum, just as the Transitional Kindergarten does, and continues to develop their sign language skills.  Traditional academic skills are addressed in a hands-on manner and within the parameters of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.