Important Dates

These dates are also available for viewing on the Calendar.

July 1st                                              Annual Tuition Payment Due

August 23rd                                      6pm Parent Orientation (Parents Only)

August 25th                                      Meet the Teacher

August 29th                                      First Day of class for MWF, M-TH, M-F

August 30th                                      First Day of class for TTH

September 5th                                   Labor Day, NO SCHOOL!                      

September 7th                                   First Day of Chapel

September 11th                                Education Blessing Sunday

September 21st, 22nd                        “Grand-Friends’ Day”

October 5th, 6th                                Individual Pictures

October 21st                                     Conference Day, NO SCHOOL

October 24th                                    Fall Holiday, NO SCHOOL

October 29th                                    Fall Festival Fundraiser

November 21st – 25th                      Thanksgiving Break

December 8th                                   Christmas Program

December 10th                                 Breakfast with Santa

December 12th – January 2nd          Christmas Break

December 12th-December 16th       Holiday Camp

January 3rd                                       Classes Resume

January 16th                                     Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, NO SCHOOL

January 18th, 19th                            Enrollment Packets Out

January 26th                                     Open House 6pm-7pm

February 17th                                   Conference Day, NO SCHOOL

February 20th                                   Staff Development Day, NO SCHOOL

February 29th                                   Priority Enrollment Ends

March 1st                                          Open Enrollment Begins

March 12th – 16th                             Spring Break

April 6th                                           Good Friday, NO SCHOOL

April 9th                                           Easter Monday, NO SCHOOL

April 16th – 20th                              Teacher Appreciation Week

May 17th                                           End of the Year Program

May 25th                                           Last day of school, All School Picnic